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Cellular Selling Point: Breaking Down Skin Cells

We all know the basic building block of life is a cell. In order to tackle the macro problems, it’s essential to dive deep into the micro ones. 

Having a healthy microbiome can make or break our cellular wellness.

Our cells are a 3D concept. Dynamic, Defense and Detoxification are the 3 main domains of cellular wellness.

3 Main domains of cellular wellness:


For healthy skin, the exchange of nutrition and the transfer of water is essential. The dynamics of the skin are improved by better microcirculation in the skin.


With pathogens and inflammation-causing bacteria always attacking your cells, an indestructible defense system is crucial. Our mini soldiers are constantly balancing and battling.


In the same way, a spa day would help you recover and rejuvenate; your skin needs to remove the remnants and radicals for a refreshing detox.

The ultimate skin barrier is achieved when Maea products provide healthy contents to make your skin feel content.

Apply Maea’s Serum for normal skin.


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