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Cosmopolitan Cosmeceuticals: A New Age of Skincare by Maea

Maea isn’t just any sort of skincare brand out there. We’re Cosmeceutical, Cosmopolitan and Classy!
The wellness industry is everchanging and expanding rapidly over the last few years. However, when we walk into a store we often find repetitive items on skincare shelves. “Pore-Reducing toners”, “Hydrating moisturizers”, “Dirt removing Cleansers” and whatnot.
It’s time for a gamechanger in the “skincare” domain and you need to be aware of it. This is where Maea steps in and does more than what skincare products do.
Maea isn’t just a skincare brand, it’s a cosmeceuticals brand.

Maea: Cosmeceuticals Brand

Having a medical edge backed up by authentic research results in the best possible skin solutions for all your worries. 

These Cosmeceuticals are one for all. Hence, we like to see it as an upcoming, new tech Cosmopolitan commodity.

Need an upgrade from the age old boring routine? Grab the latest Maea product and see the difference yourself.

The Bioactive elements of the products not only fight the bad guys but soldier up the good ones. So, when it’s a double-takedown, there’s no way the bad bacteria and pesky germs stand a chance.

The Cosmeceutical nature of Maea amps up the effectiveness and efficiency of the products, making it go above and beyond what normal ‘skincare’ would usually do. 

Maea use pure natural and no chemicals. Our products are all prebiotic and probiotic skincare, with a range of variety.

Hence, the Maea is the new era of skincare brands.


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